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Services for Musicians

Trillionaire Records not only caters to individual musicians who want to promote their craft on an  international level

Artist Management

As a record label, we offer top notch management services for artistes. We offer a comprehensive package which would include all the services we offer. Being a part of the Trillionaire Records team you will be able to maximize on your career as an entertainer. We will ensure you are very well promoted to get to a very large audience to ensure your success in such a competitive industry. We will also distribute your music to various digital music platforms such as iTunes, amazon and google play among others.

For more information, contact our sales and marketing department at +1 (876)772 – 5092 / (876)773 – 4594.

Booking Agent

Hosting an event? Need a performer but don’t know where or how to get in contact with them? We can help you! Just contact us stating your needs and we will get the person(s) for you. We offer booking of artiste, actors, dancers, DJs, private security, personal escort services (male and female) and venues.

Dub Plates

We deliver fast and offer the best quality dub plates from any artist you desire. We work directly with the artistes or their management. Before finalizing a sale we always ensure that the artiste is available and is able to deliver the dubs in a timely fashion.

For more information, contact our sales and marketing department at +1 (876)772 – 5092 / (876)773 – 4594.

Recording Studio

We are the number one digital performer and pro tools recording studio complete with a rehearsal room for bands and musicians in the Caribbean. We offer a range of services. You can come with your song to be recorded, mixed and mastered. We also provide rhythms if you so desire. We will provide you with an amazing studio experience as well as accommodation. That’s guaranteed!

Live Streams

We also offer live streaming of events, radio time and talk-shows via social media platforms listed: YouTube, Facebook, twitter, mixer, vk live, daily motion, livestream, ustream, breakers TV, twitch and more.

Police Escort

This would include multiple police vehicles traveling together to basically cause a “scene” so as to attract positive attention to what you are advertising.

For more information, contact our sales and marketing department at +1 (876)772 – 5092 / (876)773 – 4594. Contact our sales and marketing department at +1 (876)772 – 5092 / (876)773 – 4594.

Album Art

  • Business Card Design
  • Flyer Design
  • Label Design
  • Social Media Post Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Web Design
  • Music Single Cover Art
  • Album Cover Art Design
  • Animated Cover Art Design
  • Artist Bio Design
  • Animated Instagram Story
  • Social Media Cover Design

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