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Artiste Management

As a record label, we offer topnotch management services for artistes. We offer a comprehensive package which would include all the services we offer. Being a part of the Trillionaire Records team you will be able to maximize on your career as an entertainer. We will ensure you are very well promoted to get to a very large audience to ensure your success in such a competitive industry. We will also distribute your music to various digital music platforms such as iTunes, amazon and google play among others.


Dub Plate Service

We deliver fast and offer the best quality dub plates from any artist you desire. We work directly with the artistes or their management. Before finalizing a sale we always ensure that the artiste is available and is able to deliver the dubs in a timely fashion.


For more information, contact our sales and marketing department at +1 (876)772 – 5092 / (876)773 – 4594.

Booking Agent

Hosting an event? Need a performer but don’t know where or how to get in contact with them? We can help you! Just contact us stating your need and we will get the person(s) for you. We offer booking of artiste, actors, dancers, DJs, private security, personal escort services (male and female) and venues.


Recording Studio

 Audio Comercial

We are the number one digital performer and protools recording studio complete with a rehearsal room for band and musicians in the Caribbean. We offer range of services. You can come with your song to be recorded, mixed and mastered. We also provide rhythms if you so desire. We will provide you with an amazing studio experience as well as accommodation. That’s guaranteed!



Trillionaire Records offers setting up of local and international interviews which can be aired either via radio or television. They may also be aired online on the digital broadcasting stations, both television and radio. For more information, contact our sales and marketing department at +1 (876)772 – 5092 / (876)773 – 4594


Successful marketing is very important for the success of your business. Marketing, overall, covers advertising, public relations, promotions and sales. Marketing is a way in which a product or service is introduced and promoted to potential customers. Without marketing, your business may offer the best products or services in your industry, but none of your potential customers would know about it. Also, sales may crash and your company may have to close.

Trillionaire Records offers digital and analog marketing. We are the first of our kind in the Caribbean, with millions of contacts and contents locally and internationally. We offer advertising via the following mediums: website, radio and television (HYPE TV, TVJ, CVM, Flow TV, Trillionaire records TV and more). Also, advertisement is done on social media (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and more). We also offer email marketing as well as SMS marketing. These services are done with and without internet and are distributed locally and internationally. For more information, contact our sales department at +1 (876)772 – 5092 / (876)773 – 4594.

Event Planning

Proper event planning is vital for any successful event. In order for an event to be successful there needs to be strategic planning. We understand that creating a successful event requires more than the right tables, chairs, linens and accessories. It’s the service behind our products that ensures the planning, delivery and pickup will all run smoothly. Avoid unnecessary tasks and challenges by hiring us. We pay attention to detail and personal service to produce superior quality events. As professionals, Trillionaire Records offers strategic planning of your event to ensure it runs smoothly, is enjoyable and will guarantee patrons wanting to come back for another. Event planning services include: venue booking, stage and lighting, booking of entertainers and all other necessities to ensure its success. We also provide live streaming of the events on various streaming platforms which are listed above.


For more information, contact our sales and marketing department at +1 (876)772 – 5092 / (876)773 – 4594.

Graphic Design

3D Graphic design is an art which drives advertising and attracts attention to your brand. It gives your company a face and visual presentation. Standing out from your competitors is vital. A creative and strong brand will ensure that your clients remember you. Trillionaire Records promises to create attractive and detailed 3D graphic designs that would best represent your brand. 3D graphic designs can be done for the following but not limited to: cd labels, flyers, poster, logo, business cards, invitations and billboard and hence. We will ensure to create a design that will fit the medium in which it is being displayed. Additionally, we offer printing services for these designs.


Print Designs

We also offer printing of already created designs on various mediums. Submit your design(s) and specify what you want it to be printed on.



Trillionaire Records has several different artiste’s for you to chose from to start your investment deal. Invest $50,000.000 (Fifty Thousand Dollars) – $60,000.000 (Sixty Thousand Dollars) or more and double your money in six (6)months time Guarantee. We can provide either a Platinum, Gold or Bronze Deal.


Social Media Management, Promotion and Set Up

In a technologically advanced world which is dominated by social media, it is critical to have social media platforms to show insight of your business. According to Forbes Magazine, Rolling Stones Magazine and the great promotional marketing genius, entertainer and business mogul, L.A Lewis, the more active your social media is, there is surety of loyalty of customers which results in growth in monetary revenues globally. Social media allows for easy interaction with clients and so it results in higher conversion rates to your business. We offer services of creating higher and speedier corporate and non-corporate social media profiles, promoting the profile so as to generate traffic as well as management of the profile. However, management is done at your request.


For more information, contact our sales and marketing department at +1 (876)772 – 5092 / (876)773 – 4594.

Live Streaming

We also offer live streaming of events, radio time and talk-shows via social media platforms listed: YouTube, Facebook, twitter, mixer, vk live, daily motion, livestream, ustream, breakers TV, twitch and more.

Website and App Creation and Development Services

Nothing screams professionalism like having a website or app to display your brand. Websites and apps are able to accommodate multiple persons worldwide for viewing at once as opposed to telephone and it brings in millions of monetary revenues and more. Not able to create a website or app? No worries! Trillionaire Records got you covered to the highest. We offer website and app creation and development services globally. We will create a professional website and/or app for your business but however, keeping to its theme. Your brand will be at the fingertips of your clients and they are a great way to keep your clients up to date.


For more information, contact our sales and marketing department at +1 (876)772 – 5092 / (876)773 – 4594.

Police Escort

This would include multiple police vehicles traveling together to basically cause a “scene” so as to attract positive attention to what you are advertising.


For more information, contact our sales and marketing department at +1 (876)772 – 5092 / (876)773 – 4594.


Trillionaire Records excels at providing excellent service when it comes to rentals for your events or specific need. Why have the hassle? Hire us to source your supplies. We guarantee amazing quality products and you are sure to be satisfied. We offer rentals of the following: cars, stage and lighting, party supplies, venue, private jet, yacht and more.


Electronic press kit (E-Press Kit)

An E-Press Kit is a brief overview of your business in a creative and informative way to catch the attention of your audience as well as to inform them thus creating millions of dollars in revenues and sales without a doubt. It is basically an electronic brochure. It is a part of the promotional program and this too, helps market your business. It is distributed electronically via email, e-magazines among other online advertising tools. Trillionaire Records is equipped and experienced in creating an amazing, one of a kind, second to none, 3D Graphics E-Press Kit to suit your needs with special custom made features and more.


For more information, contact our sales and marketing department at +1 (876)772 – 5092 / (876)773 – 4594.

Global Reach


Unprecedented reach to anyone, anywhere in the world who has a Mobile, PC, or Tablet with internet access.

Highly Targeted Market Unlike traditional media, online advertising offers the amazing ability to target a specific audience based on country, state or even city.

Cost Effectiveness It cost less to reach a target audience in comparison to the traditinal forms of advertising (print, radio, billboard etc.)

Unlimited Creativity Rich imgaes, graphics, text, colour, videos, and animation increase the chances of user going to your website and knowing about your brand/product.

Measurable and Detailed Tracking Insight is priceless! Monitor, track and measure your campaign results / user’s demographic, how many users saw the ad and clicked on it.

Extension of Brand An interested user now has the ability to click through to your website to learn more about its products, goods and services.

Desirable Demographics Mostly youn, professional, educated persons with disposable income who are more likely to browse, research and shop online