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How to sell your music online as Jamaican Artist

How do I sell my music as a Jamaican?

With the rise of the internet in developing countries such as Jamaica, more and more musicians are moving their music from live shows and physical discs to digital platforms such as Spotify and iTunes. However, there is not a lot of information available for Jamaican artists on how to promote, publish and sell their music, so we decided to create a simple guide on how to digitally distribute your music online.

Sell your CDs in record stores

CD sales are still one of the most important sources of income for musicians. We ship thousands of discs every day to customers around the world, including many countries where CDs are far-and-away the preferred music format. If you’re not offering CDs for your fans, you’re missing out on sales. TRILLIONAIRE RECORDS is the Caribbean’s number 1 promotional marketing, digital distribution and publishing company in  who can get your music on over 15,000 record stores worldwide.

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Trillionaire Records is the Caribbean's Number 1 Promotional Marketing, Digital Distribution and Publishing Company in the World

Sell your physical CDs around the world

TRILLIONAIRE RECORDS has partnered with Alliance Entertainment, Super D, and Amazon to get you the widest physical distribution coverage possible.

Sell your CDs online

  1. Sell your CDs on
  2. You’ll have your own music store on the world’s largest and friendliest online independent music retail site. We have over 300k titles in stock!
  3. Set your own selling price
  4. Sell CDs for any price you want. We keep $4 per CD sold and you get paid the rest. For example, set your price at $15 and you’ll get $11per sale.
  5. Get paid weekly
  6. That’s right, we pay an average of over a million dollars to independent artists every Monday. We’ll send you funds via direct deposit, check, or PayPal.

Still not sure on how to sell your music online?

Feel free to reach out to our professional staff at Trillionaire Records for more information. Click here for list of other services we provide for musicians at Trillionaire Records

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