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Sell MP3 downloads and CDs on Amazon, the largest online retailer in the world!

If your music isn’t available on Amazon, you’re missing out on sales. Amazon MP3 is the 2nd largest music download store in the world. is also one of the largest online sellers of CDs. (TRILLIONAIRE RECORDS offers Amazon CD distribution at no extra cost). And TRILLIONAIRE RECORDS has a 99%+ positive seller rating on, so when it comes to music distribution, you know you’re in good hands.


Selling your downloads onAmazon MP3

Amazon offers millions of songs in high-quality MP3 format. In addition to your music being available on, your fans will be able to access your music using Amazon’s Cloud Player for Kindle Fire, iPad, or any other phone or tablet running the Google Android operating system. Amazon’s Cloud Drive and the Amazon Cloud Player will make it easy for your fans to purchase and listen to your music everywhere they go.

Sell your CDs on Amazon Marketplace

TRILLIONAIRE RECORDS makes selling CDs on Amazon simple. You never have to worry about shipping, packing, returns, miss-ships, or any other mail-order headaches. We handle it all for you and we always go above and beyond to make your customers happy with their buying experience. (That way you can concentrate on important things, like making beautiful music.)

Start selling your music on Amazon today

Join the thousands of independent musicians from all over the world that turn to TRILLIONAIRE RECORDS to get their music out to the world. We’ll make sure your music is available in all Amazon territories — plus, we’ll get your music on iTunes, Spotify, Gogle Play, Facebook, and dozens more at no extra cost. All you need is a recording and a dream. We’ll get your music in more stores than any other distributer. And we’ll never charge you yearly fees.