How do I sell my music on Google Play?

All you have to do is sign up. When you distribute your music through TRILLIONAIRE RECORDS, your songs will be available on Google Play as well as iTunes, Amazon, Facebook, Spotify, and dozens of other platforms at no extra cost.

Google Play features

All Google Play tracks have 90-second previews available for your fans to hear. Users can purchase and instantly stream music from the cloud, and they’ll be able to share a free play with their Google+ friends! Shared songs display purchase links leading back to your music on Google Play--so you can earn even more sales through Google’s social features.

Why use TRILLIONAIRE RECORDS to get on Google Play?

TRILLIONAIRE RECORDS is the largest digital distributer of music in the world. We’ll make your music available for sale on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, Facebook, Xbox, and dozens of other digital stores at no additional charge. And unlike other distributers, there are no yearly fees. CD distribution, vinyl distribution, and sync licensing are included as well. Best of all, TRILLIONAIRE RECORDS is run and staffed by musicians just like you.