Get Covered

Every stream, every cover, every radio spin; no matter where your original music is being played, you deserve your royalties. TuneCore, together with Sentric’s Rights App Technology, has direct memberships with rights collection agencies all over the world. We can get you paid faster than ever before.

The Trillionaire Difference

As a songwriter, a deal with TRILLIONAIRE RECORDS can significantly increase your earning potential. However, publishing deals can be complicated and signing the wrong deal can leave you burned for many years to come. Always seek legal advice before making a publishing deal. TRILLIONAIRE RECORDS will manage your songs and make sure that all of the royalties to which you are entitled are being collected, promoting songs by songwriters, compose to musicians and anyone else who may need a song for whatever reason (advertising, a movie, a promotional campaign, etc.), issue licenses for the use of the songs represented and collecting licensing fees. This work is usually referred to as the administration of a song.

Make more money with music publishing

If you write original music but don’t have a publishing administrator, you’re leaving money on the table. TRILLIONAIRE RECORDS Publishing will help you collect all the royalties you’re owed worldwide.

Trillionaire Records Publishing Administration will help you claim and collect:

  • All international mechanical royalties from download stores like iTunes. These are generated from every single sale.
  • All performance royalties from streaming services (like Spotify), radio, TV, live concert performances, and much more.
  • Global YouTube publishing royalties for any video on YouTube that contains your music.
  • Hundreds of other sources of songwriting and publishing royalties from 
    around the world.
  • All mechanical royalties from streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music. These are generated from every single stream.
  • When you sign up for TRILLIONAIRE RECORDS Publishing Administration, we will:
  • Affiliate you as a songwriter with a Performing Rights Organization (P.R.O.) in the US (ASCAP, BMI) and Canada (SOCAN); administer your existing P.R.O. affiliation; or guide you to your country’s P.R.O. membership application.
  • Register your songs with royalty collection societies around the world.
  • Collect all the performance royalties you’re owed worldwide.
  • Collect all your worldwide mechanical royalties for streams and international downloads (which Performing Rights Organizations do NOT collect).
  • TRILLIONAIRE RECORDS  Publishing Administration is available in numerous countries and territories.

Collect all of your royalties

If you’re only registered with performing rights organizations like ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC, you are missing out on about half of what’s owed to you. Spend more time making music and let TuneCore Publishing Administration collect all your money from more than a dozen different types of royalties. We work alongside the PROs to make sure you get the money you deserve.

Music Publishing Administration Collects



  • Performance (TV/radio/ringtone)
  • Digital performance (streaming, satellite radio)


  • Record sales mechanicals
  • Streaming mechanicals


  • Synchronization
  • Master use fees (from synchronization uses)
  • YouTube
  • Lyrics
  • Print


  • $250 One-time setup fee. Submit as many compositions as you like.
  • We take a 10% Commission of the royalties that we distribute.
  • The musician keeps 90% of the royalties collected.
  • We take a 18% Sync Commission.
  • The musician, Keeps 82% of the revenue.