L.A. Lewis Biography

Horace Stephenson Lewis, otherwise known as Helios 7, aka L.A. Lewis, "The 7Star General" from Kingston, Jamaica was born and raised up in Trench Town, Kingston, the hometown of Bob Marley, where the love and the talent for music genres that he was born with, were nurtured.

His uncle is Winston Mathews, known as, "Pipe," the lead singer for the two-times Grammy Nominated Group, "Wailing Souls." LA Lewis is the only Dancehall artiste that actually grew up around Bob Marley when he was alive and living in Trench Town. He is also the first Dancehall artiste to meet with His Royal Highness, Prince Charles and Princess Anne on their arrival in Jamaica.

In the past, L.A. Lewis was known as a fashion icon for his trendsetting clothing choice. He gathered a mass of die-hearted fans and followers worldwide with his fashion, personal style, controversial music, creativity and “Sobolious” way of life. According to him, music, fashion, and entertainment are naturally in his genes. He is a Jamaican Dancehall, Reggae Artiste, as well as a Singjay, and also an actor, creative director, and a dancer. Horace S. Lewis is the owner of the independent Digital Distribution & Publishing Company, TRILLIONAIRE RECORDS.

The 7Star General is also talented in the sports of basketball, swimming, and football  (soccer). He is also skilled in Kung Fu. He is undoubtedly a "people person," with a magnetic, larger-than-life personality. He studies and practices African and universal spiritualism, striving to be at one with the universe, with great respect and appreciation for all religions,  nations, and created beings. Mr. Lewis firmly believes, no matter what faith or religion you are associated with, everyone is spiritual. He is an "Enlightened Being," so now, he only wears White clothing, to illuminate his spiritual image and characteristics as an individual and spiritual master.

If anyone were to ask who inspired Horace Lewis, it would be Her Majesty, The Queen, Elizabeth The Second, His Majesty, The Emperor, King Selassie The 1st, Michael Jackson, Jamaican Dance Hall entertainer great, Ninja Man, Julius Caesar, Hannibal, Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Oprah Winfrey, The Rolling Stones, Bill Gates & Shaka Zulu, just to name a few. He believes that to be great, one has to study and emulate great people. Mr. Lewis is a humanitarian and philanthropist. His philosophy is that each of us is our brothers and sisters keeper.

If you will ask L.A. Lewis why he chose music? The response would be "I didn't choose music, music was graphed into me before I was formed in the womb, so that is why I am not only a singer but an overall entertainer and performer. All that I am and will be, was already a path created for me by the Great Creator. I am just walking in my destiny that calls me."




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