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Apple Music is one of the world’s biggest streaming services and your music needs to be there. CD Baby makes it happen.

Want to make your songs available on Apple Music? Of course you do. It’s a giant in the world of ad-free music streaming, with a particular focus on human playlist curation and live radio.

Since Apple Music is integrated with Siri, it’s the go-to music source for users of Apple devices. Plus, EVERY user is a paid subscriber!


TRILLIONAIRE RECORDS is a “Preferred Plus” distribution partner of Apple Music, meaning we can exclusively offer you:

  • Speedy delivery of your music to Apple Music
  • Manual auditing of all metadata
  • Support for advanced Apple Music customer features
  • Advanced Apple Music analytics
  • Early access to Apple Music product features
  • and more!

How to get on Apple Music

  • If you’re already distributing an album or single with TRILLIONAIRE RECORDS, and you’ve opted in for distribution to streaming services, we’ll deliver your releases to Apple Music automatically — at no additional charge.
  • If you’re new to TRILLIONAIRE RECORDS, sign up for worldwide distribution and we’ll get your album or single onto Apple Music, and 150+ other digital music platforms.


Get your music on Apple Music and more.