Business Development the right way

Trillionaire Records also offers premium services to members of the public, investors and other stakeholders

Services for Businesses

Trillionaire Records not only caters to individual musicians but also businesses who are looking to upgrade their marketing strategies web and app development

Print Designs

We also offer printing of already created designs on various mediums. Submit your design(s) and specify what you want it to be printed on

Audio Commercial

We are the number one digital performer and pro tools recording studio complete with a rehearsal room for bands and musicians in the Caribbean. We offer a range of services. You can come with your song to be recorded, mixed and mastered. We also provide rhythms if you so desire. We will provide you with an amazing studio experience as well as accommodation. That’s guaranteed!

Social Media Management

In a technologically advanced world which is dominated by social media, it is critical to have social media platforms to show insight of your business. According to Forbes Magazine, Rolling Stones Magazine and the great promotional marketing genius, entertainers and business mogul, L.A Lewis, the more active your social media is, there is surety of loyalty of customers which results in growth in monetary revenues globally. Social media allows for easy interaction with clients and so it results in higher conversion rates to your business. We offer services of creating higher and speedier corporate and non-corporate social media profiles, promoting the profile so as to generate traffic as well as management of the profile. However, management is done at your request.

Web & App Development

Nothing screams professionalism like having a website or app to display your brand. Websites and apps are able to accommodate multiple persons worldwide for viewing at once as opposed to telephone and it brings in millions of monetary revenues and more. Not able to create a website or app? No worries! Trillionaire Records got you covered to the highest. We offer website and app creation and development services globally. We will create a professional website and/or app for your business but however, keeping to its theme. Your brand will be at the fingertips of your clients and they are a great way to keep your clients up to date.

Press Kits

An E-Press Kit is a brief overview of your business in a creative and informative way to catch the attention of your audience as well as to inform them thus creating millions of dollars in revenues and sales without a doubt. It is basically an electronic brochure. It is a part of the promotional program and this too, helps market your business. It is distributed electronically via email, e-magazines among other online advertising tools. Trillionaire Records is equipped and experienced in creating an amazing, one of a kind, second to none, 3D Graphics E-Press Kit to suit your needs with special custom made features and more.

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