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Your music can generate money beyond streaming, downloads, and album sales.

Don’t be under-monetized. TRILLIONAIRE RECORDS will help you tap into more music revenue sources than anyone else, including comprehensive publishing royalty collection, video monetization on YouTube and Facebook, and sync licensing.


Music Publishing Administration

If the music you write gets streamed, played on the radio, covered by other artists, downloaded outside the USA, or performed in a live venue, you’re owed publishing royalties. However, collecting these royalties on your own isn’t easy. Trillionaire Records Publishing makes it simple.

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Social Video Monetization

More music is consumed on YouTube than all other digital platforms. Facebook is growing every day as a music video giant. You should get paid whenever your songs are used on YouTube and Facebook, even if you didn’t upload those videos yourself.

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Sync Licensing

Get your music in movies, TV shows, video games, commercials, web videos, and more. Sync licensing has become one of the best ways for indie musicians to earn money from their music. With TRILLIONAIRE RECORDS, it’s free to opt in. When you do, we’ll be able to pitch your recordings to music supervisors, top networks, and more.


Monetize your music worldwide with no yearly fees.