Woman Says United Airlines Employee Kicked Her In The Head

united airlines

A woman taking a nap in Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport said that she woke up to a United Airlines employee kicking her in the head.

Lindsey Urbani was travelling to Belize with a layover in Houston. She was taking a nap in the nondenominational chapel of the United Airlines terminal when she was awakened suddenly. She stated that a man kicked her in the head before telling her she could not sleep there. She also said he rolled out a prayer rug and began praying. When asked, he did not tell her his name. As he was leaving, she took photos of him.

“I was woken up by someone kicking me in the head. I immediately got up and asked the person why he had did that,” Urbani said. “His response was that he didn’t want me to miss my flight, to which I told him I didn’t need him to do that.”