What’s hot on the social scene?

what's hot

What’s hot on the social scene? We have the inside of all the happenings over the weekend.. 

Strictly 2K 

It was a blast from the past when many turned out at the National Stadium in Kingston for the second staging of Strictly 2K. Patrons danced to the hits from the early 2000s.The hashtag  #strictly2k trended on Friday night and went on to play as a throwback on Saturday. 

Ding Dong 

An uproar ensued on social media after a video surfaced of dance hall artist Ding Dong, appearing to dodge a hug from a young male fan. Many took to Facebook to share their concerns. The boy was just a young fan seeking a hug from his idol. Imagine how he feels. So because of the rejection shown, some individuals have decided to consequently ‘dodge’ Ding Dong for his actions. 

No Rating for Rankin 

Magnum Kings and Queen of Dance hall closed off the season last Saturday with a bang as they announced the winner of the deejay competition. With everyone in ‘Suspense’, the question on everyone’s mind was: will Rankin Pumpkin really win? In the end, talent, as many put it, prevailed and Suspense was crowned the queen of dancehall.

Styleweek Fashion Block 

All roads led to the heart of New Kingston last Sunday night for one of the highly anticipated fashion events of the year – Styleweek Fashion Block. Attendees turned out in fine fashion and were treated to over 15 lines from established as well as upcoming designers.