Trump Nominates New FBI Director


President Trump has recently stated via tweet, that he plans to nominate  Christopher A. Wray as the new FBI Director. He was the former assistant attorney general in charge of the Justice Department’s criminal division. Trump’s announcement comes just one day before former FBI Director James Comey, whom Trump fired last month, is set to testify in a bombshell hearing before the Senate. Crazy right?
Wray has replicable performance in the Justice Department and is strongly recommended by the Governor of New Jersey, whom, he has worked with.
The sudden announcement was made during a news cycle of Trumps attorney general, Jeff Sessions, saying he is willing to  resign. Therefore, there was  tension between the two.  But all that is no longer relevant since Señor Trump as come up with yet again,  another distractor.
The timing of the nomination of Wray has many persons skeptical  as it is believed that Trump is trying to take the public’s attention off the main event, the Former FBI director’s hearing.