Kemar Taylor was born on the 8th of May 1984 in the parish of Kingston where he grew up with both parents as well as siblings two sister and one brother.

In Kemar Taylor early years of school he developed an early inspiration towards music , however he looked up to Micheal Jackson as his early idol thus he use to take part on the west Kingston Jamboree as well as several other shows and events.

In early 2017 Kemar Taylor and Shotsue Records CEO Vaydne Stewart linked up in which they both created a tight business bond. As partners in the music business he voiced his first hit song by the name of Triple Up which was voiced at the Triple L Recording Studio in Trench Town Jamaica which Trillionaire Records Published and Distributed. By this time T-cool looks to go further height in his career with a growth flow, with his lyrical sharpness, style and fashion. For further information about T-Cool contact Trillionaire Records at 1(876)622-5904 or Shotsue Records at 1(876)591-1629 or 1(876)796-1430. You can log on to Trillionaire Records Website at www.trillionairerecords.com to learn more about this young artist or email us at [email protected].