Struggling mother ‘on the brink’ after husband killed

Struggling mother

Thirty eight-year-old Gorgette Brewster, a mother of two, said she has lost count of the number of times she has thought about committing suicide.


The most recent was on Friday, two days before her murdered husband’s funeral, as she sat on a sidewalk in the busy commercial district of Cross Roads  in Kingston, watching cars drive by and thinking long and hard about carrying out the horrific act.


“Right now I feel as if I would just take my own life and just end all of my troubles,” Brewster told Loop News, which reached out to the distraught St Catherine resident after she informed team members of her problems and said she needed help.


The tears streamed down her face as she made the comment and confessed that the only thing that was holding her back from ‘ending it all” was the thought of her two children, who were at home eagerly waiting to see their mother return home.


Little over a month ago, Brewster’s common law husband, Youhart Hutchinson was chased and shot dead by gunmen while coming from work.


He was driving home when there was an argument with another driver in the Old Harbour area, Brewster said, explaining that he was shot dead during the heated discussion.


With the sole breadwinner gone, the killing has shattered the world of immediate family members including Brewster and her children. Brewster said that it has been days since her son and her daughter, ages 10 and 12, had a proper meal.


“Me really don’t know what next to do; everything around me is crumbling, I need help!” said the woman, trembling as she made the comment.