Popular Female Dancer says Don Andre made her RUN leave her Panty! [WATCH VIDEO]

Don Andre

Few days ago popular British/Jamaican Dancehall artiste Don Andre became the latest victim of a leaked sex tape. But instead of being blasted, the entertainer has gained for himself a flurry of new female fans.

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A video of a woman performing oral sex on the entertainer surfaced online on last Wednesday evening, and since then, women have been flooding the artiste’s social media pages commenting on the size of his manhood and labelling him as blessed.


The praises and positive comments made the video one of the most requested videos on several social media platforms, as those who had not caught a glimpse of it begged those who had seen it to send them links to view it.

Despite the new burst of attention he has been receiving, the Tom Cruise singer is seemingly unhappy with the spotlight.

Now another video has surface with popular female dancer Dyema saying that the British/Jamaican Dancehall artiste made her run leave her underwear becuase she couldnt handle him.