The NPTAJ Rules No More Weed Brownies!


The National Parent-Teachers’ Association of Jamaica (NPTAJ) has called for a ban against the sale of edible weed infused pastries. Outrageous! Right? The ban is being supported as the NPTAJ is concerned about the exposure of students across the island to these goods and the effect it would have on their mental health.  It is said that the ban will be in place until adequate measures can be put in place to protect children from getting to these edibles and parents are urged to monitor what their children consume.
As of May 2017, the Ministry of Justice had declared the sale of weed edibles at events to be illegal.  Stakeholders have said that this ban however, is a backward step and offered the solution that an audit to be done on manufacturers and sellers of the product. It was also suggested that a framework be developed to monitor the production of these edibles.