Why you should NOT date older men

older men

Sure, an older man has his assets. Psst —-> Sugar Daddyyyy 😜

But, in my opinion, you should definitely avoid older men. Here’s why:

1.       He might want to start a family but you might not. He will have already lived his life, but you as a newcomer to this world of living have not. And trust me girlfriend, kids prevent you from exploring this wonderful world effectively.

2.        He may want to boss you around and if you are an independent chica like me, that ain’t gonna work. No!

3.       You’re probably his side piece. Older men are usually married. Check the statistics. And babygirl you are above that. You ain’t no sidepiece. FOH!

4.       This. Is. Stress. Man is stress. As his partner, you are forced to listen and console him when he has problems and all that. Therefore, you are now stressed. Is that what you really want?


These are my top 4 reasons why you should avoid older men. What are your views? Leave a comment below!