NEWS BREAK!!! Google has now confirmed that Natty Sean is Canada’s #1 Dancehall & Reggae Superstar World Wide

Natty Sean
NEWS BREAK!!! Google has now confirmed that Natty Sean is Canada's #1 Dancehall & Reggae Superstar World Wide

After his recent journey to Jamaica and making a connection with The 7 Star General LA Lewis, Who is also the CEO of Trillionaire Records that has been working long hours leading into sleepless nights on Natty Sean‘s Musical Career. Natty Sean’s ratings have sky rocketed over the past few months and he is now Globally Recognized as Canada’s #1 Dancehall and Reggae Superstar Worldwide.

This is following the release of his Hit Single “Rastafari Run Di World” and “Burn Dem“, Which is being played on over 200 radio station worldwide. The music video for these singles are also a huge talk all over social media thanks to not only the Artist musical talents but also Trillionaire Records Staff doing what they are supposed to do in order to get Natty Sean to the top of every chart.

Natty Sean is well on his way to become a legend throughout history and he is expected to return to Jamaica very soon to complete his upcoming EP.


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