Newly Signed Trillionaire Records Artiste in Car Crash (Photo&Audio Inside)

Slim Touch

Trillionaire Records’ newly signed artiste Slim Touch, recently met in a car crash on Saturday, June 10, 2017. On her way from the supermarket with her son she had the accident. The car in which she was travelling was hit by an oncoming vehicle. Seeing the fate, she threw her son to the other side of the car to save him. Upon the crash, her head was hit against the window, smashing it and cutting her across her face. She was unconscious for some time. Upon waking up, she asked for her son, and thankfully, he is okay. Her injuries are pretty bad as she was not able to eat anything until Monday and was not able to walk until Monday as well. She is still currently in the hospital nursing wounds. We hope for her speedy recovery.