Does The New Jamaican Dollar Revaluation Makes Sense?

Jamaican Dollar

The Jamaican dollar revalued by nine cents against the US dollar during Wednesday’s trading day, according to the trading summary from the Bank of Jamaica (BOJ).

The dollar closed at $129.77 from $129.86 on the prior trading day. The dollar has revalued by 25 cents so far this week. ADDITIONALLY, it has revalued for every trading day so far in June.

Three weeks ago the dollar hit an all-time low but pulled back. The British Pound Sterling closed at $167.10 from $167.38. While the Canadian dollar closed at $96.27 from $96.83.

Every mickle makes a muckle, but come one 9 cents!!!  don’t you think it should even a dollar or more?  hopefully, it continues to go up and when we mean go up we don’t mean by cents, we mean by dollars.

Don’t you agree?