BREAKING NEWS: LA Lewis Launches New Custom Made Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz

News Break, Trillionaire Records Young Boss LA Lewis 7 Star General looks to announce the date for the launching of his new one of a kind custom made Mercedes Benz.

Trillionaire Records News Team caught up with the Young Boss LA Lewis the 7 Star General and he told us that he was waiting for the new fully compacted computerized radio that he returned back to Germany because of a small computer glitch it had. Right now he is currently testing out the features of the newly received Mercedes Benz for a couple of weeks to see how well it performs on the Jamaica roads.

A couple of the Trillionaire Records News Team took a look in and out of the Young Boss LA Lewis custom made Mercedes Benz and trust that when we say it is something tempting to steal, we do hope and pray the Young Boss has some really good security system installed on it.

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