Kim K Mad at Amber Rose

Kim K

Kim K is mad at Amber Rose for posting her nude picture 

Two Friday’s ago, the proud “slut” posted a bottomless photo advertising her annual slutwalk – The Amber Rose Slutwalk — while petitioning to “bring back the bush”. She broke the internet, clearly, and the pic was quickly removed from Instagram as it was breaking the laws of Instagram.

The photo was well received by the rosebuds, Amber Rose’s fan base, but of course, there were some haters. One of which was Mrs Kim Kardashian-West. Mrs West, claims “she did it first and doesn’t understand the craze over Amber’s pic”. Kinda like a Ray J “I hit it first” LOL

But didn’t Amber “hit Kanye first”? You don’t hear Amber saying anything about that.  What’s the deal Kim?

Furthermore, that’s what Amber Rose does. Embrace sexuality. Kim on the other hand has actually given up that life. So you are you complaining Kimberly ? Hmm? 🤔 Don’t you have a cosmetic feud with your lil sister to worry about?

Get over yourself sis!