is surely enjoying his retirement from the tracks!

The Jamaican legend has been touring the world and doing quite some interesting activities such including buying out the bars at clubs and hanging out with a-list celebrities.

The Olympic legend reportedly spent a wild night with a British bartender and her friend as they downed Pornstar Martini cocktails and cavorted naked in his hotel Jacuzzi in Australia, according to the Sunday Mirror.

Usain Bolt Says He Can’t Tell The Difference Between A Groupie & A Good Woman

According to the report, Australian marketing graduate, Stephanie Mal, and her British barmaid friend, Gemma Casemore, both 24, were on a night out at the swanky Ms Collins nightclub in Melbourne on Friday (Nov 24) before ending up naked in a marble jacuzzi at the sprinting sensation’s hotel room at Melbourne’s Crown Tower hotel in Australia.

The Jamaican runner reportedly spotted the glamorous pair and invited them into the VIP area at the nightclub, his regular haunt.

He had posed for pictures with a large bottle of champagne and was partying excitedly as fireworks were let off.

“The girls were invited to the VIP area upstairs. They were in high spirits and had already been drinking cocktails through bright pink straws,” a source told the Sunday Mirror.

The girls reportedly joined Bolt in a closed-off area near the DJ on the floor above before he whisked them back to his luxurious one-bed crystal room.

It boasts floor-to-ceiling windows with spectacular views of the city, opulent furniture and a butler on hand 24 hours a day.

Bolt is said to have realized he was “out of alcohol and had nothing for the girls,” and made a few calls “in a desperate bid to procure some martinis.”

“When they all got back in, Usain took his shirt off and undressed to his vest,” the source revealed.

“He put some music on and was desperately trying to get drinks for the girls. In the end he couldn’t find any so had to make a phone call and ask someone to get them Martinis. He told the person on the other end of the line to call back when they had found some. His place was luxurious and understandably the girls were really excited to be there. They eventually got their cocktails. Then things got wild,” the source explained.

The source disclosed that girls toasted their drinks and posed for selfies before one stripped out of her dress and other filmed her in the Jacuzzi bath of Bolt’s room.

“Gemma and Stephanie both toasted their drinks and posed for selfies together. Stephanie stripped out of her dress and Gemma filmed her naked in Bolt’s marble Jacuzzi bath,” the source revealed.