FLOW ‘frees up’ data allowances with new ‘Lyf’ plan


Telecommunications firm FLOW has announced a new suite of mobile data value plans that ‘frees up’ megabytes for customers to suit their lifestyle and online habits.

FLOW, in a press release today, said this “bold” move offers customers the best value in the mobile industry.

“FLOW ‘Lyf’ (pronounced ‘Life’) — the catchy new name which alludes to the role that the plan is expected to play in the lifestyle of FLOW data customers — is the latest ground-breaking move from the company,” FLOW stated.

The company explained that starting April 7, all prepaid mobile internet customers can get free data for up to 75 minutes of WhatsApp calls, up to 500 minutes of enhanced music streaming through the company’s Deezer app along with free access to the FLOW Sports Network via the FLOW Sports app.

This access was previously reserved for FLOW’s TV customers only.  Now, FLOW ‘Lyf’ subscribers will be able to access the Caribbean’s premier sports content via their mobile phone. Streaming from the FLOW Sports App may be done via Wi-Fi or via the customer’s core data bought in their plan.

According to Dwight Williams, Head of Products at FLOW, the decision to introduce the new FLOW ‘Lyf’ plan comes after intensive research and analysis of usage patterns and attitudes to mobile internet.

“Over the past two years, we have seen a significant increase in the usage of mobile data by our customers, moving from voice and text to more app-driven activities like WhatsApp, which require a mobile data connection. We have also seen an increase in the appetite and desire of more customers spanning all generations to get online and to do more; whether it’s social media, entertainment, e-commerce and even GPS navigation,” Williams shared.

These added benefits are only valid once the customer has an active FLOW ‘Lyf’ prepaid mobile internet plan, the company noted.