Flight attendants reveal the first things they notice when travelers board a plane

Flight Attendant

As they smile at you and welcome you aboard, flight attendants are actually assessing whether you’ll be a safety concern on the flight.

They’re also checking you out to see whether you might be an asset in the case of an emergency.

From whether you’re drunk to how buff you are, flight attendants revealed on Quora what they’re looking for when passengers board.

While they may be checking out your outfit to see whether you’re worthy of an upgrade, or scoping out your luggage to see whether you’re trying to smuggle on a too-big carry-on, first and foremost flight attendants are trained to keep passengers safe, and will make certain snap-judgments to ensure that safety.


Here are six things flight attendants look for:

  • to see if you’re intoxicated
  • if you’re “buff”
  • if you are a flight attendant/any other crew member
  • if you are sick
  • if you seem scared or anxious
  • if you are doing anything illegal