Another double murder involving a pregnant teenager

Double Murder

May Pen in Clarendon was the location of a double murder on Monday, which involved two teenagers, one of whom was pregnant.

It was the second time in three days that two teens had been murdered nationally, including one in a state of pregnancy.

The first killing took place in Spanish Town, St Catherine on Saturday. The victims were 17-year-old Shanoy Ennis, who was reportedly at an advanced stage of pregnancy, and her 18-year-old boyfriend, Gabre Reid. Both were shot dead by gunmen who invaded their home.

On Monday morning in May Pen, 19-year-old Romario Hylton, also known as ‘Rick’, and his partner, 17-year-old Georgia Boreland, also known as ‘Shan Shan’, were similarly gunned down by men who visited their home.

Miss Boreland was reportedly seven months pregnant.

The latter incident took place at Sevens Road in Farm, May Pen.

Reports were that about 11:30, a group of men went to the house where the teenage couple were, and opened fire, killing them both.

The police, who were alerted, found them with bullet wounds.