‘Crime may steal Christmas in Montego Bay’.


Mayor of Montego Bay, Homer Davis is expressing concerns that the wave of crime now plaguing the city could cripple commercial activities over the Christmas season as shoppers may opt to stay home our of fear.

“I am sure that a number of persons who would normally come out for Christmas shopping with their family might have second thoughts,” Mayor Davis lamented. “It (crime) has reached a point where citizens of Montego Bay and  St James are fearful and with the Christmas season coming we might even see less people on the streets and that will not be good for commercial activities.”

Mayor Davis, like residents of Montego Bay and the wider parish of St James, is also concerned over the number of murders in the parish which last week flew past the 300 mark for the first time in modern history.

“As a citizen first of Montego Bay and as Mayor, I am equally concerned as any citizen of Montego Bay and St James. What we are seeing down here is a type of gangland activities. You only see these things in movies,” the Montego Bay mayor argued.

Mayor Davis, who is an ex-cop, called on the police to remove the crime producers from off the streets.

“We need some decisive action as it relates to removing these persons who are creating fear across the parish.  The police are aware of most of these crime producers, they need to seek them and bring them to justice.

“It is a concern and it is becoming even more frightening when a number of these shootings are taking place in public spaces – at bus stops, busy streets downtown, community centres et al,” the Mayor said.