BREAKING NEWS: LA Lewis & Natty Sean Upcoming UK Tour

Natty Sean

International Reggae and Dancehall Superstar Natty Sean and Jamaica Based Superstar 7 Star General LA Lewis, are both warming up for their UK Summer Tour.

The tour is being orchestrated by Miles Ahead Promotion, when Trillionaire Records news team got in contact with Lana D Angel she told the news team that the tour has been long awaited. She said that LA Lewis himself got one of the largest fan base in the UK, both white and black fans have been crazy about LA Lewis, and has been requesting to have shows with him.  Natty Sean Rasta Run the World is very popular in the UK and the fans are dying to see the two of them in action plus business powerful personnel’s have been requesting us to take LA Lewis on a tour of their establishment, when LA Lewis and Natty Sean touch the UK Grounds. So we know that the tour is going to be a successful one as people are already requesting presold tickets.

Not to mention LA Lewis Relationship with Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family is very popular in the UK.

So people of all genres are looking out for this event… it’s a long awaited one.

Miles Ahead Promotion is very honored to do this event with Natty Sean and LA Lewis.

Plus the Remix video with LA Lewis and Adele is the biggest underground video in the UK as well as the song, everyone has it on their smart phone.


Watch Natty Seans Hit Music Video Rasta Run The World:

Also Check out LA Lewis ft Adele Hello Remix:


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