Guess which celebrities spend over USD$1000 on their hairstyle


We’re used to seeing our favorite celebrities rock perfect hairstyles, so it’s no surprise that they spend a lot of money to keep it looking fab. But, would you believe us if we said that some of these stars have gotten hairstyles that probably cost way more than the outfit you’re wearing right now?


Vanessa Hudgens spent about $100.

On Instagram, she posted this picture along with the caption, “Who needs a lob when you can have a bb (blunt bob)!! Thanks to my boo @kristinabarricelli @gemini14salon.” Gemini 14 Salon usually charges around $100 for a haircut from a senior stylist.


Katy Perry spent $425.

Her stylist, Rita Hazan, charged $300 to color Katie’s hair, plus $125 extra for a cut.


Emma Watson spent $500.

She actually paid over $300 for highlights and another $200 for a cut.


Justin Bieber spent $750.

His stylist, Vanessa Price, revealed that the “Sorry” singer usually spends this amount for every haircut.


Miley Cyrus spent $1,000.

Miley posted this pic of celebrity stylist, Chris McMillan, coloring and cutting her hair. She paid over a grand for the new ‘do.


Rihanna spends up to $2,000 EACH WEEK.

The “Work” singer reportedly visits her stylist, Ursula Stephen, on a regular basis to keep her hair intact. Her stylist charges $285 per day, which adds up to almost $2,000.


Kylie Jenner spent up to $5,000.

She gets all of her wigs from hair specialist Tokyo Stylez, and she usually pays up to five grand for each of them.




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