5 Ways to Know if you’ve got the UGLY

5 ways

DISCLAIMER: All our subscribers are beautiful in their own way so this isn’t directed at anyone in specific.

HOWEVER, some people are not as fortunate of the rest of us. Sometimes I wonder “Do ugly people know that they are ugly?” I always come to the conclusion that they must know because people surrounding them give so many signs BUT some people just don’t pay attention.

Here are 5 ways to know if you my friend, has got the ugly:

  1. If you go in a store and no one comes to help you.
  2. Babies stare at you in shock the entire time you’re in their presence
  3. You hang out with all ugly people.
  4. Persons refuse to take selfies or any kind of photography with you
  5. If you’re offended by this post

There you have it! 5 signs to KNOW if you’re ugly.